Freshly Caught | No Cold Storage | Not Frozen, so NO same-day delivery
Freshly caught, no cold storages, not frozen, so NO same-day delivery



Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, we don’t. We recommend you consult with your personal Dietician/ Nutritionist

Most of the Indian seafood is always available with us. In case we missed out on anything on the website, you can always contact us on our number 9321006532 and we will check the availability of the product and come back to you within 48 hours.We have around 45 products available on the website. However, seafood like Pakat (stingrays), Tol, Grouper, Slipper lobster, Atlantic salmon, Asian seabass/ Jitada/ Bhetki/ Barramundi/ Khajura, Tilapia, are not very frequently available but you can always check with us and we will keep you updated about their availability.

You may add the product which is ‘out of stock’ in your back order list. We will intimate you as soon as it is available and deliver it subsequently.

You may visit our shop to see all the products in one page

Yes. We do take orders offline. You may call or whatsapp 9321006532 and our representative will cater to you

Yes, we accept all major debit cards and credit cards. We also accept payments through Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe, etc. We have partnered with CCAvenue as our 3rd party payment gateway to take care of all our online payment

Kindly call us on 9321006532 to discuss your regular orders

We deliver all the products a day after the order is placed mostly during the morning before Between 8 AM to 12 PM. We begin from the south of Mumbai and move towards the north delivering each item on its way. The delivery person is completely sanitised. Safe distancing is maintained during the delivery. The seafood is cleaned/cut as per customer’s instructions and the packaging is done in safe and hygienic, air tight, food grade, leak proof containers. The whole process of offloading from the trawlers, cleaning/ cutting the fish and packing it in the airtight containers is a matter of a few minutes, guaranteeing maximum freshness

Yes, we always deliver all the products after cleaning, gutting and carefully cutting them. Incase of shrimps/ prawns, we peel them according to the customer’s instructions and also devein them. The cleaning, cutting, gutting, peeling and deveining is done free of cost. There is a nominal charge on filleting the fish as it requires special skills. You may even request to send the items without cleaning/ whole.

For free home delivery, the minimum order should be worth INR 800

We pack the seafood as soon as it is offloaded from the trawlers and deliver to the customers within a few hours of catch, ensuring ultimate freshness in the fish. The containers are transported in ice boxes/ food boxes

The seafood is cleaned/cut as per customer’s instructions and the packaging is done in safe and hygienic, air tight, food grade, leak proof containers

No. Currently we don’t deal with cooked fish. However, we can recommend some home chefs/ seafood cooking specialists near your location. We are coming up with a chef directory soon

As we do not deal in frozen fish/seafood, we get fresh fish from the fishing boats/ trawlers at the docks early in the morning and deliver it to you within a few hours. Also, the fish is packed in food grade, hygienic, air tight containers immediately after offloading from the trawlers, guaranteeing maximum freshness. This way the fish is not exposed to sunlight or open atmosphere, keeping it fresh and making it absolutely safe to eat.

Yes, we deal in products like spices/ masalas, pickles, etc. You may visit the category Pickles & Masala to know more

You will need to place the order before 10:00 PM in order to get the items delivered at your place the next day. However, based on the availability of the items, our representative will inform you in case there is a delay in the delivery

Yes, COD (Cash on Delivery) option is available

Currently, we deliver a minimum 500 grams per product. Only certain products like spices can be ordered in 250 grams

The need may not arise to return the items as we deal in fresh products only. However, it is requested to check the product as soon as it reaches you. If in case you find the product is not up to your expectation, you may return it to the delivery person and inform us the reason promptly on our customer care number. We will replace the items and yes, we will definitely ask questions, because that will help us improve. We will not accept the items after an hour of delivery or if it is cooked/ marinated.

Yes, we do supply to corporate canteens and are equally capable of supplying to cruises and other places.

If placed online on the website, you will have to cancel the previous order and place a new one with the new items. You will not be able to replace the items in the same order. However, if you place the order offline, you will be able to replace it with other items a day before, before 10:00 PM.

In case you are not consuming the fish immediately, you may store it in the same airtight container that we give in, in the freezer (not in the fridge) but it is suggested that you consume it within 3 days. If you want to marinate and store, then it is suggested that you cover the plate with a shrink/ cling wrap sheet and store it in the fridge (not in the freezer). It is suggested to consume marinated seafood within a day. Shelled seafood like clams and mussels are not supposed to be stored in the freezer or the fridge. Clams can be kept in a cool dark place for about a day. Mussels should be consumed immediately. Oysters can be kept in the fridge. We will come up with a section about seafood storage shortly.

Currently we are not delivering outside Mumbai. However, sometimes we do run campaigns for a particular location about which we inform our customers in that location in advance of our visit. For far away locations/ city outskirts, there is a certain delivery fee which will be revealed when you enter your pin code.

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